IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2022: A success story

The IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2022 has ended. Three World Cup competitions (paraclimbing, bouldering, lead) and one European Cup (speed) took place over six days on the grounds of the Innsbruck climbing center. The record is overwhelming.

After the premiere last year in front of empty ranks, the baptism of fire with fans took place this year. The result proves the organizers right: All decisions were sold out, and from Tuesday to Sunday more than 12,000 fans flocked to the "open-air arena".

“The expectations were exceeded. We knew that climbing works in Innsbruck - but the response was overwhelming," summarizes KVÖ sports director Heiko Wilhelm with great satisfaction.

The spectators gave the athletes goosebumps. “Innsbruck and climbing just go together. The atmosphere here cannot be compared to any other World Cup,” says local hero Jakob Schubert.

Olympic champion Janja Garnbret adds: “I always enjoy coming to Innsbruck. The city is beautiful, as is the venue. The fans create an incredible atmosphere – thank you for once again welcoming me with open arms.”

With his two successes, Colin Duffy became the first American to win bouldering and lead at a World Cup. “Innsbruck is one of my favorite places in the world. It was really fun here.”

The “open-air arena” in Innsbruck turned into a cauldron this year. Under the guidance of Roodixx entertainment (moderator Florian and DJ Tobias Rudig), the fans created a great atmosphere. Even the pouring rain at the women's bouldering final couldn't stop it. "Rain, wind, storm. And then there are thousands of fans with umbrellas or rain jackets and cheer on the athletes - you only get that in Innsbruck," KVÖ project manager Julia Pinggera marveled.

Athletes, officials and fans agreed: The IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2022 was once again a great success.

IFSC Climbing World Cup + European Cup Innsbruck 2022