Qualifying place 1 goes to Japan

Three local climbing aces have made it to the bouldering semifinals at the IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2022.

Jakob Schubert (ÖAV Innsbruck), Jessica Pilz (ÖAV Haag) and Franziska Sterrer (NFÖ Vöcklabruck) will fight for the final on Thursday (men) and Friday (women). Even the rain could not spoil the great atmosphere in the climbing center Innsbruck.

235 athletes (98 women, 137 men) tackled the boulder qualification on Wednesday in changing weather conditions. For more than seven hours, the world's best climbing aces struggled with the boulder problems. Only the best 40 (20 women, 20 men) made it to the semifinals, among them were three KVÖ athletes.

Jakob Schubert took the top on all five boulder problems and moved into the semifinals on Thursday in a commanding third place in his group. The Olympic bronze medalist in the combination thus made it to the semifinals for the fourth time in a row. "To be consistently at the top in bouldering was my goal before the season - this is very important in the direction of the 2024 Olympic Games. With the fourth semifinal in a row, I succeeded well," the 31-year-old from Innsbruck was pleased. "I'm having a good run right now, it's a lot of fun. It always helps me when there are several competitions in a row. Salt Lake City twice, then Bressanone, now Innsbruck. It's going well, I want to continue like this, preferably right in the semifinals."

15-year-old Viennese with talent test

The men's semifinals are scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday, with the top-6 final to follow at 7:45 p.m. (both live on ORF Sport+). Schubert is holding up the red-white-red flag here, as the rest of the athletes were not down on their luck: Jan-Luca Posch (ÖAV Innsbruck) got three tops and five zones and missed the semifinal entry as eleventh of his group only because of the higher number of attempts. "It was a good performance, so I'm still satisfied. I gave one boulder away carelessly. Often small things make the difference, and they were not on my side today. But I am happy that I can climb well at the top and show what I can do," said the 24-year-old Tyrolean. "For me it was incredibly cool to climb in front of such a backdrop, even if it was more hectic in the background than it was at other World Cups." 

Nicolai Uznik (SV St. Johann i.R.) reached two tops and four zones and missed the semifinals in 39th place. The 15-year-old Viennese Ilja Auersperg (AV Gebirgsverein) put on a show of talent with two tops and took 35th place in his World Cup debut. David Zinsler (NFÖ Vienna) finished 91st with one top and two zones, Maximilian Lenz (ÖAV Wolfsberg) was 101st with one top and two zones. Florian Klingler (ÖAV Innsbruck) and Lawrence Bogeschdorfer (NFÖ Vöcklabruck) ended up in 109th place.

Two KVÖ ladies in the semi-finals

In the women's race, two Austrians were able to place in the top-20. Jessica Pilz showed a strong round and finished sixth in her qualifying group with five tops. She was able to solve four boulder problems in the flash, i.e. on the first attempt. "It went great from the beginning, you don't manage four flashes every day. Only on the third boulder I struggled a bit, but I can be very happy with the performance. The next days will be exhausting, I'm ready for it."

For Franziska Sterrer it also went well with four tops and five zones, she made it to the semifinals as eighth in her group. "Without looking at the result, I think I climbed well today. I definitely had better qualifying rounds, but I got the best out of it. The field is strong and tight and I notice the last competitions - both mentally and physically. Nevertheless, I want to get everything out of me in the semifinals and climb a great round. I'm looking forward to show what I can do at home," said the 23-year-old Upper Austrian, who has thus reached the semifinals in all six Boulder World Cups this season: "I'm especially happy about that because it was a big goal!"

Sandra Lettner (ÖAV Vöcklabruck) took 57th place with two tops and three zones, while Lea Kempf (ÖAV Egg) from Vorarlberg, who is only 17 years old, was able to show off with two tops, landing in 59th position. Lena Schrittwieser (NFÖ Mürzzuschlag) took 79th place with two zones.

The qualifying victory in the women's event went to Futaba Ito (JPN) and Stasa Gejo (SRB). The women's semifinals will follow on Friday from 13 and can be seen live on ORF Sport+.

Today, Wednesday, the paraclimbing final is scheduled at 6 pm (live on ORF Sport+).

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