24 - 30 JUNE
24 - 30 JUNE Kletterzentrum

Home World Cup - The final test before the Olympics 

In just a few days the IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2024 will start. From 24th to 30th of June, four international competitions will take place over seven days in the "Open Air Arena" at the location of the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck.

While the preparations are in full swing, Austria's climbing stars are intensively preparing for the first highlight of the season. Jessica Pilz and Jakob Schubert are using their home World Cup as a final test for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.


These days, there's a lot happening at the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck. Hammering, screwing, and drilling are constant as the setup work for the IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2024 enters the home stretch. "The bouldering wall is practically finished, which is the centerpiece and always a major task. Now it's about the final touches and detail work. We're excited to get started in less than a week," says Julia Pinggera, responsible for the World Cup at the Kletterverband Österreich (KVÖ).


Tickets are required for Thursday to Saturday. The entrance for Monday and Wednesday is free. The demand is high. "We were surprised at how quickly the tickets were sold. The World Cup- Passes were gone within 14 hours, which was impressive. We are sold out on Friday and Sunday, but there are still tickets available for Thursday and Saturday," says Pinggera. Each day, the area can accommodate up to 3,000 fans. "More is not possible because the space is limited. In any case, it will be a full house and the atmosphere is sure to be great."


Schubert: "Want to prove it to myself and to the others" 


The athletes confirm that the atmosphere at the World Cup in Innsbruck-Tirol is unique in the world. "I'm from Innsbruck, competitions on my doorstep are always special. Friends and family are there, you get the feeling that you know the whole crowd. The atmosphere is always great, and the backdrop with the Nordkette is spectacular."


The six-time world champion knows what characterizes the IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck: "There is no international athlete who hasn't trained here before, so it feels familiar to everyone. You also realize when a crowd knows something about climbing. Being pushed at the right moments is very important."


Schubert competes in Boulder and Lead. For him, the home World Cup is the last competition before the Olympics in Paris. "After the Olympic Games, it's the second most important competition of the year. I want to prove that I'm in top form - to myself and to the others. The aim is to be at the top in both disciplines." 


After the performance in front of his home crowd, there are still 35 days until the Olympic climbing competitions, which take place in the second week of the Olympic Games. Schubert is relying on his recipe for success in his immediate preparations. "At the big events in the past, I always took a month beforehand to concentrate on my training and focus. It always worked well, so I'm trying to do the same this year. I want to compete at the Olympic Games in the best condition possible and hopefully bring home another medal." 


Pilz: "In my second living room"


Like Schubert, Jessica Pilz, who as well is already qualified for Paris, wants to use the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Innsbruck as a benchmark for the Olympic Games. However, she will then tackle another World Cup in Chamonix (FRA). "I'm particularly looking forward to it as it's my first international appearance in Lead climbing. I want to be among the top athletes - if that's not the case, it would be a bad sign." 


A week full of goosebump moments comes just in time. "Climbing in my second living room is always special. I've already celebrated many victories in Innsbruck, my parents will also be there this time. Nothing stands in the way of a great week."


The red-white-red line-up for the IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck is large and includes a number of young talents. "We wanted to make the best use possible of our quota and have also registered some younger athletes. It's a great opportunity, but also a very difficult hurdle. It's probably the toughest World Cup of the season because there are so many people competing," says KVÖ national coach Kilian Fischhuber.


Seven days, four competitions


In addition to World Cups in Boulder and Lead, Innsbruck-Tirol will also host a Paraclimbing World Cup and a Speed European Cup. More than 200 athletes will set a new record in Paraclimbing, with Tyrolean Jasmin Plank aiming for another home victory: "There are a few new athletes in my category, which makes it very exciting. I'm looking forward to the comparison, Innsbruck is the most popular World Cup in the paraclimbing community. We are more included here than anywhere else."


In front of a home crowd, Austria's speed record holder is out to impress. "The European Cup in Innsbruck almost feels like a World Cup, you want to be at the front. Innsbruck is a good place for me, I've won the national title here three times in a row. The goal would be to improve the Austrian record in one of the next competitions."


20 hours of live TV


KVÖ Managing Director Heiko Wilhelm is looking forward to an intense event week. The fact that the IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck is referred to as the "Wimbledon of climbing" is a nice recognition. "We put a lot of heart and soul into it. We have a lot of event experience, but at the same time the interests of the association and therefore the interests of the athletes are very important to us, which is perhaps what makes it so special. When people say that our World Cup is an international benchmark, we don't want to hang a medal on ourselves, we're just happy that we seem to be doing a lot of things right."


Innsbruck-Tirol and climbing is a perfect combination: "People in Innsbruck identify with climbing. Many don't just want to watch, they want to actively participate. You can feel this enthusiasm, it's infectious."


To share the excitement with even more people, 20 hours of live coverage are planned on ORF Sport+ this year. "It's important to be able to present climbing to a wide audience. That's why we're very happy to get so much time on ORF Sport+. The images are sure to be breathtaking again, and we also want to set new standards with the camera setups."



Program IFSC Climbing World Cup Innsbruck 2024:
Monday, 24. June:
09:00: Paraclimbing-World Cup, Qualification
17:00: Speed-European Cup, Qualification
20:15: Speed-European Cup, Finals


Tuesday, 25. June:
18:00: Paraclimbing-World Cup, Finals


Wednesday, 26. June:
09:00: Boulder-World Cup, Qualification Women
15:30: Boulder-World Cup, Qualification Men


Thursday, 27. June:
13:00: Boulder-World Cup, Semifinal Women
19:20: Boulder-World Cup, Final Women


Friday, 28. June:
13:00: Boulder-World Cup, Semifinal Men
19:20: Boulder-World Cup, Final Men


Saturday, 29. June:
09:00: Lead-World Cup, Qualification Women and Men
19:25: Lead-World Cup, Semifinals Women and Men


Sunday, 30. June:
19:25: Lead-World Cup, Finals Men and Women

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